We at COMMS&D are communications and marketing specialists dedicated in providing digital and social media marketing solutions for businesses across the Middle East.


COMMS&D is backed by 14 years of experience in the field of Media, Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Digital Marketing. Our goal is to provide solutions using digital and social media marketing tools to companies for their growth and in increasing sales performance. We are evolving into a digitally dominated society; we spend our days on Internet, the computer, and mobile phones. Our objective is to take advantage of digital marketing using the web and social media as platforms for our clients to improve their sales and product awareness.


We help Businesses grow and increase sales using digital communications

Research and planning95%
Strategy Development 95%
Social Media Marketing95%
Training 90%


COMMS&D was established in 2012, since then we have provided consultations to our clients giving them the full exposure to the web and social media. Business to business marketing and sales can be hard. It’s not easy to establish the connection and build a relationship with customers right away. This is where digital marketing via social and digital marketing come in as business solutions. On recent surveys it’s established that large portion of sales of companies come from social media exposure. It is further noted that this marketing tool increases sales as well as brand exposure. Brand exposure leads to new avenues for growth for a company. This develops client loyalty, partnerships with other enterprises and lead generation. Client loyalty in business-to-business set up is established by constant communication, social media is the new platform in communicating on a person-to-person basis with clients. Partnerships built on open communication through social networking sites work well because it is on a level of person-to-person, quicker action on issues pertaining projects and instant updates via uploaded pictures and other media tools.  Lead generation increases traffic to website and drive sales. It is the inception of consumer interest or inquiry of products and services.


Digital and social media marketing plays a big role in optimizing the search engines tools and ranking. The activities in social media more often than not increase the chance of a site to be noticed by search engines. COMMS&D provide solutions with guaranteed Search Engine Optimization principles using web and social media platforms for brand awareness and exposure. This results to loyalty and drive sales, opening new doors for a company to explore and expand. Marketing solutions using digital and social media decreases marketing costs in the long run. As these solutions are in place and running, there is no need for added manpower. The Internet provides more efficient and cost effective tools compared to standard media coverage.

Our mission in COMMS&D is putting our clients ahead in their industries, looking after their best interest, helping them expand and increase their sales in the process. Their development, growth and optimum sales performance are our primary goals as consultants.


Our team of experts is led by Adel Maymoon. His track record in Media, PR, Corporate Communications and Digital Marketing are the cornerstones of our company. We prioritize our clients needs in marketing solutions using web and social media. We are progressive partners in finding ways of building better business, increasing product sales and expansion.


Social Media Consultancy

With our digital and social media strategy development methods, we help your marketing team integrate social media as an essential part of their marketing plans, and an important enabler into achieving your business objectives!

Digital Customer Experience

We help your organization create a digital eco-system, which increases your brand awareness, by diversifying your online presence, generating leads and attracting customers, and providing the best customer service.

Coaching and Training

We coach and train your marketing team members into adopting social media as an effective means of communications with your customers, and train your employees into becoming your organization’s social ambassadors.