For more than 50 years, Kooheji Jewellery has been fulfilling the need of its customers for the finest and most prestigious jewellery from around the world. Specialized designed jewellery for Kooheji customers, who seek excellence, and are looking for modern and innovative jewellery that reflects their unique personalities.

As time move forward, and digital marketing started getting momentum, Kooheji Jewellery has been one of the first Jewellery chains to invest in the power of social media. Kooheji Jewellery based its social media presence by creating official pages on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook along with their official site, which attracted a good number of followers at the beginning, but with time there was less engaging content, lower interactions with fans and followers.

Another challenge that has risen was the lack of brand awareness, lack of creating pre-planned social media campaigns, and engaging with social media influencers and bloggers. Moreover, there were less promotional posts for existing wide selection of jewellery and products, and drawing attention to new collections. Altogether, these issues have affected Kooheji Jewellery social media presence, and it was time to find the best solution to generate more awareness for the brand and its products in the new age of social media marketing.


Blogger outreach program

COMMS&D has effectively planned and executed a blogger outreach program for Kooheji Jewellery. This program over the course of 3 months, helped Kooheji Jewellery to build and maintain good relations with social media influencers, which allowed them to generate much awareness and create greater social media engagement. The campaign targeted active social media influencers: fashion, makeup and lifestyle bloggers from Bahrain and across the GCC, as they built the link between Kooheji Jewellery and local women- their #1 target consumers.

Blogger outreach program objectives

  1. Raise awareness on Kooheji Jewelry brand.
  2. Raise awareness on Kooheji Jewelry products.
  3. Create customer engagement (on social media)
  4. Increase Fans & long-term Followers
  5. Increase Sales

Target Bloggers & SoM Influencers

In order for blogger outreach program to be able to build and maintain a great social media presence, the campaign targeted active fashion, makeup and lifestyle bloggers and social media influencers in Bahrain and the GCC area, as they will connect Kooheji Jewellery brand with women- KJ’s #1 target consumers. A number of Bloggers have been selected for this campaign, for their active presence on different social media channels, great interaction with their followers, ability to drive traffic and the quality of each blog.

These important, well-chosen bloggers will become brand advocates by increasing Kooheji Jewellery social media exposure through their recommendations & stories about their positive experience with the brand & product, which will ultimately, drives action, not just awareness, and fulfill the campaigns outlined objectives.

KJStyle event – September 2014

The blogger outreach program launched with an introductory event in September, at Kooheji Jewellery boutique in City Centre Shopping Mall in Bahrain. Many Bahraini bloggers and Social media influencers accepted the invitation and attended the event. The event started with a brief introduction presented by Mr. Shadi, the marketing manager in Kooheji Jewellery Bahrain, he talked about Kooheji Jewellery history, the brand and it’s wide spectacular collection, it also outlined the KJStyle campaign, and it’s main goals and objectives.

After that the Bahraini bloggers and SoM influencers viewed the whole collection in the boutique, took photos and posted remarkable posts on their blogs and social media networks.

Royal collection launch – October 2014

Kooheji Jewellery held a private event in October 2014 in their boutique in City Centre Mall. The event witnessed the launch of a new jewellery collection called “The Royal Collection“ for Women. The collection consists of a number of breathtaking wedding sets that gives women a sense of appreciation and royalty along with a lifetime love and romance.

What also differentiated this exciting event was the participation of Saudi bloggers and SoM influencers along with Bahraini bloggers. Our dear guests had the chance to be the first to see this amazing collection, they were also able to try it on and took exclusive pictures, and enjoyed the other beautiful collections as much. At the end, they were handed with a beautiful giveaway. Unfortunately some of the Saudi bloggers and Social Media influencers were unable to attend the event due to last minute engagements, but they were all contacted and provided with information about Kooheji Jewellery and the new “Royal Collection” and were able to post on their social networks.

Jewellery Arabia Exhibition – November 2014

The ultimate jewellery and watch showcase in the Middle East “Jewellery Arabia 2014 exhibition” was held officially under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain, at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre for five consecutive days from 18-22 November 2014. Kooheji Jewellery had two pavilions at Jewellery Arabia exhibition, where it welcomed a huge number of visitors and customers, throughout this five-days showcase exhibition, who were anticipating Kooheji Jewellery unique collection. Also, Kooheji Jewellery invited a number of bloggers and Social Media influencers from Bahrain and GCC countries, who accepted the invitation, and praised Kooheji Jewellery for this gesture.

The bloggers and SoM influencers’ trip expenses (Air travel, accommodation, and transportation) were all covered by Kooheji Jewellery. A customized program was designed for the guests, who were given a private showcase of new items in Kooheji Jewellery pavilions, along with a special tour of the exhibition halls 1 and 2. At the end of the program, the bloggers were thanked and presented memorable giveaways.

Outcomes and results

The blogger outreach program designed for Kooheji Jewellery was a huge hit. The bloggers and social media influencers selected to participate in this program created an enormous exposure for Kooheji Jewellery products.

The total number of posts by the bloggers and social media influencers totaled more than 100 posts, on various channels: Blogs, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The reach of the campaign message was up to 2,442,278 audience members based on the following method of calculation: (Number of posts x number of followers per each blogger = reach). (This number doesn’t include Kooheji Jewellery and COMMS&D social media channels).

Overall the blogger outreach program attracted a large number of fashion, makeup, and lifestyle bloggers and social media influencers, and has achieved the campaign’s main objectives, by raising awareness on Kooheji Jewellery brand and products, and creating greater customer engagement on social media channels, which aims to increase sales and generate growth for Kooheji Jewellery.

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