Is It Worth To Invest In Social Media?

Current trends show that around 2 billion out of 7 billion of the world population are using social media. which means about 28% of the global population is interconnected (2015). In Arab world , there are 156 million active users of Facebook, 11.1 million active users of Twitter, 16.6million for LinkedIn and 7.1 million for Instagram in 2017.

More than 1 million people are using social media of 1.4 million in Bahrain, about 1 million accounts on Instagram. Facebook users are about 700 thousands, in other worlds: about half of population in Bahrain has Facebook accounts, while Twitter users are about 400 thousands, according to Social Media Club in 2015.

These numbers are considered as important numbers for companies because these are their customers, How? When you are a fisherman and you know that a lake has a lot of fishes, would you hesitate to through your fishhook? Exact the same with social media;You know that most of your target customers are there then you should go near from them

The important question is: Is it worth to invest in social media?

Many media and marketing experts assure that social media has the dominate over traditional media and numbers are the evidence. Even some business owners affirm that they are only using some social media channels as the only way to promote their products.

According to a 2015 survey by Manta, 34% of the businesses surveyed spent more time on social media networks than they had in 2014. 55% percent of the business said they had been using social media for customer engagement and lead generation. One survey found that 47 per cent of Americans said that Facebook was their number one influence when it came to purchases.

Other e-Marketer study found that 76% of B2C respondents used promoted posts on social platforms, and 61 percent of users found them effective.

It is big mistake to considers social media channels as costs, they are INVESTMNT.

Social media can be a cheaper tool when it compared with traditional media, it is also easier to use when it comes to measurement of results. It is driving sales tool, spreading in the cyberspace, managing customers expectations, converting fans into leads and reducing customers costs, are these points lead to the business goals “making profits”? Yes

So is it worth to invest in social media? our answer is “YES”, if you know how to manage these goldmines.

What about you?

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